From the home page of CDMS click on the “Patient Records” Icon to view patient information, you may manually scroll through and search for the patient on the list that appears or look for them using the search functionality located at the top of your screen as shown below.

For instance from the above image we may pick a patient of interest from the list below the dashboard or use the search field circled at the top and enter details such as names, phone number etc.

After identifying the person for whom you wish to record a consultation click on the “Details” button located on the right hand side of the list, and click on the “Book Appointment” button shown below- 

You will be directed to a new screen shown below where you will choose a clinic and pay for consultation

Follow the same steps outlined earlier for capturing payments, either – 

  • Enter the M-PESA phone number of the client and prompt the person to pay via STK push, their phone should be on & unlocked after which they will be automatically asked to enter Mpesa PIN to transfer the required amount to the clinics till number. After the client has entered their PIN and upon successful payment the transaction will be captured and linked to the patient;s registration, you will then be directed to a screen to enter the details and save them.


  • Manually add a payment – Click on the “Manual”  icon shown on the image above, directing you to the screen shown below on a new tab where you will enter the MPESA Code, Paying MPESA Number  and click on the green “Save payment” button at the bottom.


  • Invoice method – Fill in the details needed and click on “Save Payment” for an invoice to be created and attached to the patient’s account .

Proceed to book an appointment by filling a form similar to the one shown below- 

Choose the appropriate clinic in the “Where to” option, enter the date and a suitable time slot for the appointment, enter any additional notes. Click on “Book this appointment”  to place the patient on the waiting list which clinicians can view and take the appointment to serve the client.