This feature automates and simplifies your medical billing process by keeping track of patient expenditure across their visit. Billing is deeply integrated with other modules and stays informed when the patient consumes a service or product across the entire facility, and even between branches. This results in an easy and straight-forward billing workflow.

What can you do with our billing module?

  • Collect payments using various methods (MPESA, cash, invoice, NHIF)
  • Print payment receipts at point of service
    • Thermal printers supported
    • Desktop printers supported
    • Send receipts electronically via SMS & email
  • Provide detailed financial reports about your healthcare operation
    • Add some of the reports generated by billing
  • Track & print invoices for medical insurance billing
  • Access and explore all payments received across the entire facility

How does billing work?

You can configure the billing feature to collect payment in two places:-

  • At the point of service
  • At the end of the visit

For inpatient cases, payment will always be collected during, or at the end of the visit. The payment process is simple and streamlined to ensure quick service delivery.