CDMS is a comprehensive healthcare information system in the cloud

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What is CDMS?

Clinical Data Management Solutions is an integrated data management solution that can be adopted to run all daily operations in modern healthcare facilities. It is a cloud-based web application that can be easily accessed from anywhere by any device with a working Internet browser. CDMS can help your facility in the following ways:-

  • Improve your facility’s compliance with health regulations (DHIS reporting, data security).
  • Eliminate stock theft by tracking all inventory
  • Reduce human error in data entry
  • Increase staff productivity by easing information access and tracking turnaround times

What can you do with CDMS?

Here are some of the cool features you will get when you sign up with us

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Introducing PharmaCheckout!

PharmaCheckout is our new point of sale system designed to operate pharmacies and drug stores. It comes with a simple user interface, easy workflows and even more useful features for your business.

  • Easy to use POS interface
  • MPESA, invoice & bank payments integration
  • Realtime stock control across many branches
  • Pull extensive reports by time range
  • Track your inventory expiry dates
  • Receive sales notifications
  • Thermal printers fully supported
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Fully compliant with Ministry of Health reporting standards

100% data security and privacy guaranteed with SSL encryption

Easy and stress-free experience for healthcare professionals

Mobile friendly and universally available on all your devices

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